Telestar Systems Engineering
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R & D Laser consulting services... Laser Service & Repair of Pfizer, DEI, IBC, Sharplan, Luxar, 
Synrad, Coherent.. We fix them all. We also sell the DEI line of CO2 lasers. Very reasonable rates

Elegant Solutions to Complex Problems

Telestar Systems Engineering offers diversified consulting engineering services in a wide range of disciplines, below are just a few:

   Lasers (All Wavelengths)
Laser Systems
RF Systems
Embedded  Controllers
Computer Networks
Home Automation
PCB Design
Distributed Processing
Distributed AVX Systems
Mechanical Design
Document Conversion
Thermal Analysis
UL/TUV Support
UHV Vacuum Systems
Product evaluation
FCC Testing
Laser Damage Testing

In addition to the above mentioned design / testing services, Telestar Systems Engineering provides both cost
effective manufacturing and testing for your new product, but also has many off the shelf designs available for
license in your application, giving you an alternative to having to design your own. Many times our existing
compact, high density, high efficiency designs will fit right into your existing or new product, without the expense
and delays associated with developing a new proprietary design for your application.

Telestar Systems Engineering offers over 80 years of combined experience in the above disciplines, for all your
technical needs, call the experts, call Telestar Systems Engineering today and watch your growth, and profits accelerate!

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